17 Dec

Why cannot login of SUBTV with a new code?

Today, one of our clients has problem with SUBTV that he couldn’t login the code, which got information of network error.

First, we checked his code and found that it hasn’t been activated yet.
Then, inform him to try with his android smart phone by 4g internet and also wifi, which is no problem with login code.
So we checked his apk version and knew the problem. SUBTV now already update to V 2.1.4 apk, but he didn’t renew it, which caused the old version doesn’t work well.
After he renewed the apk, it works no problem.
If you already subscribed SUBTV, please renew the apk to the latest version;
If you are interested in it, we also offer free trial for you to test first.
Contact by WhatsApp:  +8617688768267

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