08 May

What is QHDTV?

Hello everybody and welcome to our website apkintvbox.com

Today, we gonna talk about QHDTV, one of our known IPTV Service. With QHDTV, you will have access to more than 1000+ channels of the whole world (sports channels, movies channel, TV Show, documentary ..)

How it’s work?

QHDTV app is available on lot of platform: Android (smartphon, tablet, android box), SmartTV, iPhone/iPad, MAG 25x, Enigma 2.

Now, we are going to see how to install it on Android phone.

How to install:

Step 1: Go to https://www.apkintvbox.com/download-center/

Step 2: Click on ‘QHDTV APK Download’.

Step 3: install the downloaded file (if your phone shows a warning, don’t worry, just accept it, it’s because our app is not on Google Play Store)                                        

Step 4: Open the app then enter your code.

Step 5: Just enjoy!

If you want to see all our videos, just click here: https://www.apkintvbox.com/qhdtv-tutorial/

How to get free test code?

To get free test code, send an email to this address: info@apkintvbox.com.

We will give you 24h free test code.

Thank you for your attention, and see you soon on our site!

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