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QURTV – New Version

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1. Download APK file

2. Open the QHDTV and input the code

1. Settings—System settings—Severs—Portals,
type “mag.qhdtv.biz/portal/c/” into Portal 1 URL for MAG240/MAG254
type “mag.qhdtv.biz/portal2/c/” into Portal 1 URL for MAG246
2. Then click Reboot portal
3. Click Reboot device
4. After Reboot device you will enjoy it

Notice: You need contact your seller and provide the Mac address (which on the back of your mag 25X). After seller active it on the system .you will get it work.

1. Download Enigma2 plugin file,and unzip

2. Upload it to /tmp file which in your box VI DCC software
3. Go Telnet Run : opkg install-force-overwrite /tmp/qhdtv-openpli-mipsel_1.0_all.ipk
4. Open the QHDTV,put your code and active

1. Please go playstore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.siptv.video
2. Install the smart tv on your android TV
3. When you get the code from the seller.Please go http://siptv.eu/mylist/
4. Put your mac address
5. Add external playlist links (URL), with auto-update
6. Then click upload,you will success

1. Use your iPhone or iPad visit this link http://mobile.app-iptv.com/qhdtv.html
2. Then just click and the APP will install it on your device
3. Just input the code