07 Nov

MYPADTV Register and Activate Tutorial

MYPADTV aims for Singapore and Malaysian channels, as well as Taiwai&Hongkong channels. It is so convenient that no need to install app, that you could just open the website to watch channels everywhere.

1. open the website: https://www.mypadtv.com/login to register account of it.

2. After register successfully, sign in with your username and password;

3. Then need to subscribe the IPTV to get the pincode to activate your account;

4. Click TOPUP and input the pincode;

5. Then you could watch your favorite channels.

Email: info@apkintvbox.com
Skype: apkintvbox
WhatsApp/Viber/WeChat: +8617688768267
Website: www.apkintvbox.com / store.apkintvbox.com

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