27 Jan

MYPADTV Channels Detail Introduction

MYPADTV aims for Singapore, Malaysian, Chinese channels, supports all the devices, you can watch channels and movies directly by website, no need to install apk.

MYPADTV channles includes: Live, Movies, Series and World Cup replay.

Live has more than 500 channels, which includes Singapore and Malaysian channels, Taiwai and Hongkong channels, sports, movies, News and Kids channels.


Hongkong Series:

World Cup replay:

You can register a username and password to check its detail channel list in person.

If you want more information and detail, please contact:

Email: info@apkintvbox.com
Skype: apkintvbox
WhatsApp/Viber/WeChat: +8617688768267
Website: www.apkintvbox.com / store.apkintvbox.com

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