29 Sep

How to install APP on Android box?

This is a tutorial of installing app on android box, here we take MYIPTV 4K as a example.

1.  Click My Apps;

2. Open Google and input the website: https://www.myiptv4k.com and click DOWNLOAD;


3. When finished download, bake to the main page and click My Apps again; and then choose FileBrower;


4. Click Local Disk and then click Download;


5. Choose MYIPTV apk file and confirm to install it;


Now we install MYIPTV4K on android box successfully.

Contact me if you are interested in MYIPTV4K, or any query.

Email: info@apkintvbox.com
Skype: apkintvbox
WhatsApp/Viber/WeChat: +8617688768267
Website: www.apkintvbox.com / store.apkintvbox.com



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