16 Jan

Hao HD iptv Subscription and Renew

Hao HD iptv includes 2 different channel plans, which are Hao HD-A and Hao HD-C; They both supports Asia countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Hao HD-A fits for overseas Chinese people, that has channels like CCTV, TVBM FOX, HBO, SONY, sports etc,.

Hao HD-C fits for local people of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, that has channels like SKY, FOX, SUPERSPORT, HBO, SONY etc,.

Hao HD one year subscription includes 408 days. Contact us for more detail information;

Email: info@apkintvbox.com
Skype: apkintvbox
WhatsApp/Viber/WeChat: +8617688768267
Website: www.apkintvbox.com / store.apkintvbox.com

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