September 2015

How many days are remaining to use icam account for Blackbox Qbox

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Note:Only HDC9999 show days,or others that you must send the number behind your box to check. 1. Now press " exit" on the remote controller 3 times continuous, and press " Menu" in time, then press" 2367" quickly. (Don't stop, just follow the step to do) (Remote Contrlloer must be on the box) 2. Then logout,  you would see ICAM account remianing days: 0349 is 349 days. eg. image:

How to update Latest Firmware to Blackbox HD-C600

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1.Pay online  for ICAM subscription 2.Update the latest firmware supplier provide 3.Or you can input the ICAM number directly   Before you do update,you need to shot Box ID,and ask supplier provide corresponding firmware Do not update unknow firmware from Internet randomly,otherwise your Blackbox HD-C600 would be killed ,and can not work anymore .

How to Upgrade Firmware for Singapore Set Top Box

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Click here to subscription Carefully read the user guide before you do upgrade  1. Download the latest firmware(******.abs),copy it to a thumbdrive(Do not use bad quality and small USB device ,otherwise the box would be damaged due to unstable Drive),insert to the box. Power on the box, connect to TV and do not connect to Internet(You can unplug the lan or Wifi Adapter).   2. Go MENU-Tools-Upgrade By USB 3.“Upgrade mode” [...]

Blackbox HD-C600 Plus/Q5000 can’t login Icam Server

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Some Blackbox HD-C600 and Q5000 purchased in 2014 June only show “DHCP Login Successfully”, ICAM login successfully msg is missing in 2015 April ,Internet connection is no problem, Why that happens ? If Blackbox HD-C600 Plus and Q5000 have that problem ,means probably the box’s ICAM account is missing during the usage ! Before confirm that,you can check on your side first :Go menu-X-Function ,and click login .If it shows “Fail to login”,check your Internet [...]

How to install ICAM number

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Click here to subscription Step1: Pls copy the whole ICAM number into the cfg file Like this:    Caution: one ICAM key can only be used for one box, otherwise your ICAM account would be banned and invalid. Step2: Pls format your usb drive (by FAT32),Then put the cfg file In to the usb slot the usb drive in to your box. Step3: Connect to the internet then go this menu to choose upgrade by usb choose this [...]