17 Sep

What is the difference between Xtrix TV and Xtrix TV Plus?

Xtrix TV and Xtrix TV Plus are same iptv server and with thousands of live tv channels, especially famous sports channels! Free trial code available! WhatsApp/Skype/Viber: +86 176 8876 8267

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05 Aug

XtrixTV/XtrixTV Plus | How to Add FAV Channels

XtrixTV channels list is same with XtrixTV Plus, while XtrixTV Plus has 7 days catchup/replay function. And we could make our favorite channel list, which is easy for us to choose channels....

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11 Jul

10 Tips for you to know better about Iview HD iptv

FAQs about Iview HD IPTV: 1. What device iview hd apk supports? Iview hd apk works with android tv box, android smart phone/pad and Enigma2. 2. Can iview hd use on...

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09 Jul

Iview HD APK latest version for android tv box

Iview hd apk for android tv box now already updated to new version. 1. Two Skin Option: Account info-Misc-Skin(Blue and Normal) 2. EPG –IVIEW HD two options: Normal and Classic...

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15 Jun

How to switch iview hd decoder?

We could try to switch iview hd decoder modes first, when there is problem with channels. First, confirm to install the latest version of iview hd apk; Then, follow steps below to...

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15 Mar

Update about Iview HD NOVA sports channels

We now have Xtrix tv apk that with nova sports channels, and it supports android tv box, as well as android smartphone. Xtrix tv apk channel list is exactly same with...

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20 Jan

How to get VOD movies back of Iview HD APK?

Why it goes to live channels directly when open iview hd apk, that cannot watch VOD movies? If you click Direct-to-TV for apk setting, then you will always get live...

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03 Dec

What is the difference between Iview HD and Xtrix TV?

Iview HD apk channel list and price are same with Xtrix TV apk. If you live in Australia, Xtrix TV apk is better for you. Cause Iview HD apk cannot use...

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03 Nov

Can I add Iview HD Subscription on Smart IPTV?

Iview HD doesn’t have m3u line, so cannot use with smart iptv. Email: info@apkintvbox.com Skype: apkintvbox WhatsApp/Viber/WeChat: +8617688768267 Website: www.apkintvbox.com / store.apkintvbox.com

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27 Oct

Iview HD Favorite Channels Collection Tutorial

Iview HD has about thousands of channels, in order to find out our favorite channels easily, we could collection them. Please followed the steps below to collect your favorite channels....

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