13 Nov

Why still cannot Watch channels after activated mac address of smart iptv?

Its the best choice to use Smart IPTV, if your TV is Samsung. Cause other brands TV may not support Smart IPTV app. And that’s why even you activated...

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09 Nov

How to Use IPTV on Smart TV?

First, please choose the proper iptv for you to subscribe. Then you will receive a m3u URL from your seller. 1. Please open the website: siptv.eu on your TV, and click My List....

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25 Oct

Why cannot get the code immediately once paid?

We are in China and there is time difference. So when you place an order, we may be at midnight or on weekend. Please kindly understand. We promise that...

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15 Oct

How to add IPTV on Iphone or Ipad?

In order to use IPTV on Iphone, we need to install GSE Smart IPTV. And the steps are as followed: 1. Open APP Store and search IPTV; 2.  Choose...

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26 Sep

Video’s so buffering, what should I do?

Have you ever met this problem, that internet works great but video is buffering? That means we need to clear the cache of your IPTV. How should we do...

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