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07 May

PopTV Problems Solutions

PopTV Problems Solutions Loading Poptv, Pls don’t worry when you log in fail for the first time, go ahead second time, it would be OK. Normally it takes 2...

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06 May

PopTV Renew Subscription

Renew Subscription one box can get one free test code only. We would send you activated code by Email within 12 hours after get your order. It would be...

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05 May

What is PopTV

What is PopTV? Poptv contains Arabic / Turkish / Europe / English / French / German / Polska / Spanish / Italy / Russia / VOD channels. It’s widely...

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01 May

About Testing Code for Subscription Android TV APP

Testing Code Caveats: supplies home iptv solutions like MYIPTV, PopTV,iview HD,Best IPTV and so on. As these products are Virtual no like Material object, Customers need testing code know...

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25 Apr

How to make Best HD working on Android

No free test. How to make Best HD working on Android? Setting – Best HD IPTV – Input Username and Password – Back to home page and Update.

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12 Jan

How to watch QHDTV on iPad or iPhone

The QHDTV  just release the software on ios. How to watch QHDTV on iPad or iPhone? 1.Use your iPhone or iPad vist this link – 2.Click the APP – Install it on...

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19 Dec

How to Renew Zcam Number for C1 and Streambox

Plugin – Account Setting – Type”ZCAM” – Press “OK” – Input Account – Press “Enter” – Press “Back” Twice – “Do you want to save channels?” – “Yes” –  The service will...

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10 Dec

Upgrade the latest software for Singapore

1. C1/MINI C600/IP-9999/Blackbox C801: Auto Update the channels-Press OK-Press Green Button-New channels come out 2. Blackbox C608/C600/C808 plus /HDC-9999/Q5000: Upgrade the latest software dated on: 20151127-download link: 3....

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10 Dec

iview HD Enigma 2 Plugin Online

Good New!! Now iview HD can run on Engima2 digital receiver. Welcome to free testing. Please make sure what is your box chipset before testing. if chipset is broadcom(Dreambox,Vu+,Cloud...

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03 Dec

How to Input the Account to Subscription

You must choice the subscription number for your box. We offer Icam,Zcam,CCcam and FYcam . Step: Menu – X-Function – Press Remote Control (Red Button) “OK” – Input Username...

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