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26 Sep

Video’s so buffering, what should I do?

Have you ever met this problem, that internet works great but video is buffering? That means we need to clear the cache of your IPTV. How should we do...

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12 Sep

MYIPTV to MYiptv4k

Why myiptv channels still lagging with android box version 7.0 and  above? MYIPTV server already updated to MYIPTV4K. Please install the new apk. MYIPTV4K download link: Please send...

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05 Sep

IPTV server updating

For server updating,   there are three IPTVs has changed their names as followed: SUBTV change to BMYTV IUDTV change to UKWTV QHDTV change to QURTV And kindly noted that...

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04 Sep

StarCup server maintaining.

Recently,  Malaysian channels of StarCup may have problem for watching. That’s because the server is maintaining now. We will update it very soon.  Please kindly noted.   If any...

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29 Aug

Channels lost when travevling

Recently, we have customer feedback that some channels cannot watch of Iview HD when traveling. It is normal that channel lists could be influenced by internet and regions. When...

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17 Aug

MYIPTV Video lag solutions

First: please confirm you already download the latest version of myiptv, and internet service works well. Second: please check the system of your Android box, which at least requires...

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18 Jul

MYIPTV Valid Days Updated

Start from 2018/07/16 myiptv subscription bonus: 1month:30days 3months:90days 6months:183days 12months:372days Note: we will delete 88tv package, all in MYIPTV, only support the Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei users. Other users could use Hao...

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09 May

Présentation BestHD (IPTV service de haute qualité )

Présentation BestHD (IPTV service de haute qualité ) Bonjour à toutes et à tous, et bienvenue sur . Aujourd’hui je vais vous parler de Best HD, qui est...

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08 May

What is QHDTV?

Hello everybody and welcome to our website Today, we gonna talk about QHDTV, one of our known IPTV Service. With QHDTV, you will have access to more than...

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27 Jan

Présentation QHDTV

Présentation QHDTV (IPTV service HD)   Bonjour à toutes et à tous, et bienvenue sur On se retrouve aujourd’hui pour la présentation du service QHDTV. Comme indiqué dans...

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