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15 Oct

How to add IPTV on Iphone or Ipad?

In order to use IPTV on Iphone, we need to install GSE Smart IPTV. And the steps are as followed: 1. Open APP Store and search IPTV; 2.  Choose...

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13 Oct

FEXTV channels collection tutorial

I want to watch my favorite channels easily when I open FEXTV, what should I do? 1. Choose one your favorite channel; 2. Click the OK button on your remote...

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11 Oct

NOVA sports Greece cannot watch with Iview HD?

Why I cannot watch NOVA channels with Iview HD after back from Greece? Recently, we have customer feedback that NOVA channels cannot watch on Iview HD when whey traveling in Greece. ...

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09 Oct

why I cannot log in poptv code on other device?

Q:  I subscribed POPTV for one year a month ago, now I have a new box, but cannot sign in the code with my new box, what should I do? A: ...

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08 Oct

Why it shows invalid when I log in POPTV with a new code?

I got a new code of POPTV, but when I log in, the screen shows 0 days left. Why does that happen? POPTV now has already updated, needs to install...

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29 Sep

How to install APP on Android box?

This is a tutorial of installing app on android box, here we take MYIPTV 4K as a example. 1.  Click My Apps; 2. Open Google and input the website: and...

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27 Sep

MYIPTV4K register and activate tutorial

1. Input the website to register username and password, Install MYIPTV4K to your android box.   2. After installation, click and open it.   3. Input your username and password to...

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26 Sep

Video’s so buffering, what should I do?

Have you ever met this problem, that internet works great but video is buffering? That means we need to clear the cache of your IPTV. How should we do...

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12 Sep

MYIPTV to MYiptv4k

Why myiptv channels still lagging with android box version 7.0 and  above? MYIPTV server already updated to MYIPTV4K. Please install the new apk. MYIPTV4K download link: Please send...

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05 Sep

IPTV server updating

For server updating,   there are three IPTVs has changed their names as followed: SUBTV change to BMYTV IUDTV change to UKWTV QHDTV change to QURTV And kindly noted that...

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