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16 Jan

Hao HD iptv Subscription and Renew

Hao HD iptv includes 2 different channel plans, which are Hao HD-A and Hao HD-C; They both supports Asia countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Hao HD-A fits for overseas...

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14 Jan

How to install apk on android tv box with USB flash disk?

Normally the apk download link is too complicated, so we can open and download it on computer first, then install it on android tv box with USB flash disk....

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11 Jan

How to switch decoding modes of IUDTV?

When channels work not well, like buffering or cannot watch, we could try to switch the decoding modes first. Take IUDV for an example, switch decoding modes by the following steps:...

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09 Jan

OLITV–How to Change Launguage?

OLITV supports Chinese, English and Thai, 3 languages; and we could change language we like for better user experience. 1. Click your remote control to choose Setting; 2. Choose Language...

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03 Jan

Olitv–How to Switch Device?

How should I do to use OLITV on a new box? First, open OLITV app on your old device, and click Account Info: Second, remember your account and the password which...

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26 Dec

Best IPTV play list URL added tutorial

Best IPTV supports android box and Samsung smart tv. If you use it with android tv box, after done with apk installation, need to add the play list first to watch...

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24 Dec

IPTV Big Discount for Christmas and New Year Festival

To celebrate to big holiday of Christmas and New Year Festival, we now offer big discounts for our clients. 1. 20% discount for IPTV subscription. 2. Buy Alphadoo COMBO Box or New MX...

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21 Dec

How to switch the decoding modes of Best HD iptv?

Sometimes we have problem with IPTV, like picture image not that clear, channels buffering. To solve that problem, we could try to switch the decoding modes first. Here is...

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17 Dec

Why cannot login of SUBTV with a new code?

Today, one of our clients has problem with SUBTV that he couldn’t login the code, which got information of network error. First, we checked his code and found that it hasn’t...

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12 Dec

QURTV lot out the code tutorial

QURTV is the new version of QHDTV. When you want to change device or sign in with other code, you need to log out the history code first as the...

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