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25 Mar

How to Get Detail Channel Lists of Best HD IPTV?

Sometimes, we meet the situation that there is no channel list after log in username and password with Best HD apk, just got blank screen like picture below: For this situation,...

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15 Mar

Update about Iview HD NOVA sports channels

We now have Xtrix tv apk that with nova sports channels, and it supports android tv box, as well as android smartphone. Xtrix tv apk channel list is exactly same with...

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20 Feb

How to log out the code of SUBTV/BMYTV?

For SUBTV/BMYTV, if want to change device, you need to log out the code from old device first before sign in with another one, otherwise there would be bad effect...

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16 Feb

How to Switch Decoding Modes of QHDTV?

Sometimes channels cannot watch, or picture not clear, if so, we can switch decoding modes of QHDTV app to make it the best situation. Just need to click Setting, then choose...

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27 Jan

MYPADTV Channels Detail Introduction

MYPADTV aims for Singapore, Malaysian, Chinese channels, supports all the devices, you can watch channels and movies directly by website, no need to install apk. MYPADTV channles includes: Live, Movies, Series...

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25 Jan

Olitv Favorite Channels Collection Tutorial

Olitv aims for Korea and Japanese channels, we could collect our favorite channels for convenience. 1. Choose the channel you want to collect; 2. Move your remote control to the...

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20 Jan

How to get VOD movies back of Iview HD APK?

Why it goes to live channels directly when open iview hd apk, that cannot watch VOD movies? If you click Direct-to-TV for apk setting, then you will always get live...

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17 Jan

YOUMAG | Best IPTV for Africa Channels

YOUMAG IPTV aims for Africa and European live channels & movies channels mainly, including France, Arabic, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, UK, US, Africa, Sudan, Kids&Disney live channels and...

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16 Jan

Hao HD iptv Subscription and Renew

Hao HD iptv includes 2 different channel plans, which are Hao HD-A and Hao HD-C; They both supports Asia countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Hao HD-A fits for overseas...

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14 Jan

How to install apk on android tv box with USB flash disk?

Normally the apk download link is too complicated, so we can open and download it on computer first, then install it on android tv box with USB flash disk....

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