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1. Download APK file

2. Open the Best HD and input the username and password

Change ” Portal URL 1 ” to the new portal – “”

2. Install the smart tv on your android TV
3. When you get the code from the seller. Please go
4. Put your mac address
5. Add external playlist links (URL), with auto-update
6. Then click upload,you will success

1. Download the Kodi/XBMC app from, click download depending what kind of operating system you have
2. Ask us for the m3u list URL
3. Go to Kodi/XBMC homepage – System – Add-ons – Disabled – Add-ons – PVR IPTV Simple Client – Configure – m3u play list URL
4. Copy the URL line of your email – Done – OK – Enable – Go to System – Live TV – General – Enabled – Back to homepage – Click TV
1. Use your iPhone or iPad download GSE IPTV APP
2. Add the m3u list URL to watch