31 Oct

Can I Use MYIPTV4K on different box with same username&password?

Could install MYIPTV4K on other box, but need to log out first on the original box to sign in on new box. If you sign in same username and password on...

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29 Oct

QHDTV Cellection Favorite Channels Tutorial

How to find my favorite channels immediately for QHDTV? Just need to collect those channels we usually like to watch as followed: 1. Choose a channel you want to collect;...

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27 Oct

Iview HD Favorite Channels Collection Tutorial

Iview HD has about thousands of channels, in order to find out our favorite channels easily, we could collection them. Please followed the steps below to collect your favorite channels....

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25 Oct

Why cannot get the code immediately once paid?

We are in China and there is time difference. So when you place an order, we may be at midnight or on weekend. Please kindly understand. We promise that...

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23 Oct

POPTV APK Latest Version Installation Tutorial

POPTV now has updated to V5.5.29, so we need to install the latest version apk. 1. First of all, we need to uninstall the old version apk. Choose Setting-Apps; 2....

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22 Oct

Can I sign in Iview HD code on different devices?

Iview HD code can only use with one device. If you want to change a new android box, need to send your seller the code and user ID of your...

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19 Oct

MYIPTV4K Collect Favorite Movies Tutorial

Sometimes, we don’t have enough time to finish a movie. In order to find the movie quickly next time, we could collect it to our favorite list. 1.  First,...

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18 Oct

MYIPTV Notification

NOTE: 20th Oct. is the last day to transfer MYIPTV left days to MYIPTV4K username system. Please send me your mac ASAP if you haven’t.   Email: info@apkintvbox.com Skype: apkintvbox WhatsApp/Viber/WeChat: +8617688768267...

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17 Oct

IUDTV Collect Favorite Channels Tutorial.

IUDTV has so many channels that I want to collect my favorite channels to watch. How should I do? 1. Choose the channel you like; 2. Click the OK button...

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15 Oct

How to add IPTV on Iphone or Ipad?

In order to use IPTV on Iphone, we need to install GSE Smart IPTV. And the steps are as followed: 1. Open APP Store and search IPTV; 2.  Choose...

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